Dining Services

There is a kitchen on the ground floor, there are student dining halls on the first and second floors, there is a dining hall for academic and administrative personel on the third floor of the building named Central Dining Hall which is located at Meşelik Campus, the main campus of our University. Apart from this, the dining requirements of students and personnel are meet in 6 dining hall in total, on in Bademlik Campus, one in Ali Numan Kıraç Campus, one in Organized Industry Campus, on in Mahmudiye Campus, one in Sivrihisar Campus, and one in Sivrihisar Campus. Service is provided from the kitchen in the Central Dining Hall to the all dining halls mentioned above.

A total of 1794 students can eat at the same time in the dining hall located on the first and second floors, and 570 person can eat at the same time in the dining hall for academic and administrative personnel located on the third floor. A total of 497 students and personnel can be served at the same time in the dining halls in other campuses.

Meal for an avarage of 7500 person is produced per day to be consumed in the Central Dining Hall and in the other 6 dining hall. Food menus are arranged in 4 types considering the daily calorie needs (in terms of students).

The dining kitchen and halls, which serve in order to meet the nutritional needs of our students and employees, are provided to serve in healthy, regular and hygienic conditions.    

Apart from the existing dining halls, there are also fast food service and centeen services are maintained by University Economic enterprise and by also private companies in many places at Meşelik Campus.   

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