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Cultural Facilities

Eskişehir Osmangazi University has established The Health – Culture and Sports Centre to promote students’ physical and mental health, to treat those who are ill, to provide services for housing, food, studying, relaxation, to make them gain subject of interest, to optimise their health and social condition, to offer services enabling students’ characters and abilities to improve, to make a habit of working, relaxing and having fun together.


Health – Culture and Sports Department is a health institution for all people receiving service in universities, a unit of service that provides for students’ social, cultural consultation and guidance, sports needs, and also a practice department that makes research and practice in this field to encourage education and instruction.


By the beginning of the academic year registrations, Health – Culture and Sports Department starts its activities by determining the new students’ areas of interests ,who have applied for registration to different faculties, schools and institutes of our university and who are now individuals of our university, with an aim of improving their spare time activities, areas of interests with guidance and election.


There are various student clubs and communities linked to Student Clubs Frame Regulations, Faculties and Health – Culture and Sports Department. These communities or clubs carry on their practises with new participation as in every academic year and all their efforts will be encouraged by Health – Culture and Sports Department.