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Health Services

The Medico-Social Center available within the body of our university deals with the health problems of students. Students are forwarded to the University Hospital after the first treatment provided at outpatient service level at this center, in case of further tests required. Eskişehir Osmangazi Hospital, with its 1000 bed capacity and policlinics, has the facilities to provide solutions to all the health problems of applicants with contemporary approaches. In the Psychological Counseling Unit within the body of the Medico-Social Center, every student who applies to the unit is provided with help to solve his personal problems and adaptation difficulties. The Youth Consultation Unit available in the same Center is providing service on issues regarding reproductive and sexual health.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services

Starting a university education, a new city, a new school, and a new environment often bring with them some difficulties. The Psychological Counseling Unit is available in the Medico-Social Center to help students to overcome these difficulties. In this unit where specialist psychologists work, counseling services are provided in the form of personal meetings and group works.

Counseling Services Provided to Students:

• Overcoming stress
• Studying effectively
• Overcoming adaptation difficulties
• Developing communication skills
• Overcoming test anxiety
• Developing oneself
• Overcoming difficulties in interpersonal relations