Health Care Services

Medico-Social Center, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services and Youth Consultation Unit of our University provide health services to our students and staff. In the Psychological Counseling Unit within the body of the Medico-Social Center, every student who applies to the unit is provided with help to solve his personal problems and adaptation difficulties. 

Psychological Counselling and Guidance Services:

Starting a university education, a new city, a new school, and a new environment often bring with them some difficulties. The Psychological Counseling Unit is available in the Medico-Social Center to help students to overcome these difficulties. The Unit advise and guide to students in the solution of emotional and social problems, the problems related to education or profession and job selection that they faced. In order to achive this purpose the following services are carried out:  

  • To give introductory and explanatory information about university, rules and neighbourhood to the new students, ensuring that the student gets used to the environment and university,
  • To identify the problems of the students and to cooperate with the relevant institutions for their solution,
  • To help students who want to change their department to know their interests and abilities and help them to make appropriate choices,
  • To provide students information about their future profession and informing them about the job opportunities in the region. To help graduates to find a job and to watch the graduates who get a job within the bounds pf possibility by cooperating with private public institutions,
  • To provide individual or group counselling to the students with emotional problems according to their request and needs. To help individual to make important decisions, to get to know theirselves better, to establish more effective relations with people aroud him.
  • Providing preliminary interviews with authorities and applying psychological test to them when necessary. To send the student to the relevant service unit according to the evaluation.

            Counseling Services Provided to Students:

  • Overcoming stress
  • Studying effectively
  • Overcoming adaptation difficulties
  • Developing communication skills
  • Overcoming test anxiety
  • Developing oneself
  • Overcoming difficulties in interpersonal relations


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