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Being a respected and prestigious university, which is known at both national and international level, integrated with society and can turn knowledge into value.


Eskişehir Osmangazi University aims to be the university of choice at national and international level by providing quality education; to turn the scientific results into benefit and economic products in line with the demands of society; to provide efficient and competitive health services; to train and graduate students as enterprising and innovative persons and scientists.


Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry was founded on March 28th, 2008 with the Council of Ministers Law (No 2008/13383) as the ESOGU Deanery of the Faculty of Dentistry. For the first time students were enrolled in the academic year 2012-2013.

Faculty of Education

The main purpose of the faculty is to educate rational, creative, willing to learn, open to progress teachers with the ability of critical thinking who will supply the teacher need for our country. In addition to occupational classes in the faculty, students are supplied with classes and activities which will provide them social, cultural and artistic development.


There are the departments of Computer and Instructional Technology Teaching, Religious Studies Teaching, Science Teaching, Elementary Education Mathematics Teaching, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, and Primary Class Teaching in Faculty of Education.


Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The main purpose of the faculty is to educate scientists and professionals who have technologic level theoretical knowledge, and have the ability of scientific thinking and application. In addition to occupational classes, there are wide range of elective courses in the departments of the faculty.


There are the departments of Biology, Physics, Statistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, and Turkish Language and Literature in Faculty of Arts and Sciences.



The graduates, depending on their departments, may work as researchers, directors, consultants at public enterprises, local government units, press and media enterprises, educational institutions, and industrial and commercial firms or they may have an academic career. On the other hand, the graduates of Contrastive Linguistics Department may work as writers, critics, and translators at press and media enterprises.


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

The main purpose of the faculty with the departments of Economics, Business Administration, Public Finance, and International Relations is to train and educate efficient and productive individuals who are ready to take charge in industrial and service sectors.


The graduates of the faculty may work as directors or experts in the fields of banking and insurance, tourism, electronics and informatics, industry and some other corresponding ones, or they may prefer to have an academic career.


Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

The main purpose of the faculty is to educate engineers and architects who are competent, practical thinkers, and creative in their field and by this means are favored in the world of business. In addition to numerous occupational laboratories, shared physics and chemistry laboratories are also available in the faculty.


Departments of Computer, Electrical and Electronics, Civil, Geological, Chemical, Mining, Mechanical, and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering serve in Meşelik Campus; Department of Industrial Engineering and Department of Architecture serve in Bademlik Kampus. In addition to occupational classes, there are technical and social elective courses available in the departments of the faculty.



The graduates of the faculty may not only work freelance, but also work as engineers, architects, and researchers in their branches either in public or in private sector, or they may have an academic career.


Faculty of Medicine

The purpose of the faculty is to educate doctors who have adopted scientific and occupational ethical principles and are capable of using modern medical technology. It is aimed to get candidate doctors adopted to direct communication with patients and teach medical skills to them by applied classes given together with theoretical ones.


In Faculty of Medicine, undergraduate programs and education for specialization in medicine are provided in 67 departments and branches connected to Field of Surgical Medicine, Field of Internal Medicine, and Field of Basic Medicine.



In the faculty, there is a multi-purpose central laboratory, an Anatomy Laboratory with closed circuit camera system, a Microscopy Laboratory equipped with CCD camera system, and an Occupational Skills Laboratory where basic medical skill teaching is applied on models.



1000-bed ESOGU Hospital of Faculty of Medicine, which has been in the position of a reference hospital for Eskişehir and the surrounding cities, has been the first public university hospital with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Certificate, and HACCP Certificate for food production in hospital kitchen in Turkey. ESOGU hospital, which has been the first university hospital among the health institutions in Turkey, where “Appointed Patient Admission System” is applied, is equipped with high- tech equipment. There is a helicopter pad which is in use for the purpose of urgent patient transfer in ESOGU Cumhuriyet Park which is situated near the hospital. Moreover, Prof.Dr.Servet Bilir Oncology Center, founded in 2004 for the purpose of treatment of cancer patients, serve patients from Eskişehir and surrounding cities.