Corporate Communication Policy

Our Corporate Communication policy which was created in line with the vision, mission, strategy, basic principles and values ​​of our university, includes the following issues.

  • We ensure that events are organized to represent the vision and mission of our university and also attach importance to this representation while supporting. We aim to be known outside, to work solution-oriented in collaboration inside of institution.
  • We aim to provide scientific contribution in joint studies and organizations carried out in academic and sectoral fields; aim for student, public and university benefit and take care to protect our common cultural values.
  • We act on the axis of Atatürk's principles, the achievements of the Republic, environmental awareness and respect for people in the contents prepared for the WEB homepage, social media accounts and radio channels, where corporate promotion is primarily carried out. We away from any discourse and activity that may lead to discrimination or provide superiority such as race, ethnicity, national belonging, belief, opinion, gender, marital status, social class, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, health status. Comprehensiveness is one of our primary principles.
  • We use mass media effectively in announcing our events, organizations, studies and decisions.
  • Our communication strategies that we have developed for corporate communication management are open to interactive and innovative practices and initiatives.
  • We aim at sustainability and adopt transparency in our work.
  • We strive to produce original content with science and art with a sharing communication management approach. We act with scientific and artistic knowledge within the framework of the mission and vision of our university while preparing the visual, written and audio materials produced.
  • During our information production, we act in accordance with legal regulations in line with the principles of intellectual property right, copyright and right of privacy.
  • We follow the agenda of the country and the World and care about being a partner in social unity.
ESOGÜ Gündem play

ESOGÜ Gündem

9 May 2023

Yeni Nesil Mikroçip Organlar | Doç. Dr. Hüseyin Avcı